Development Ethos

Our coaching ethos is “development over results”.

What does that mean?

We will prioritise individual player improvement over everything. This means we will give equal playing and feedback time to weaker players as to stronger players, even if that adversely affects the result of that particular game.
We have a limit on squad size for every age group, to maximise the time our coaches can spend with each player, and always embrace a flexible approach to training activities and game rules to focus on development at all times.

What is “development”?

We want to teach and improve not just physical core skills (passing, catching, kicking, tackling etc) but also soft skills such as communication, confidence, fair play, respect, teamwork and game sense.

We use the Shropshire Primary Rugby key skill progress charts & rewards structure for age groups up to u9 (older age groups don’t find stickers so exciting, but we’ll still cover the same key areas in our sessions!):

On registration, every child will be given a Shrewsbury Lions branded training tee, and attendance at each session or festival earns them a sticker for their progress chart.

Completion of an entire row earns them a reward; this reinforces the importance of having a broad skill base and earning Shrewsbury Lions branded kit further reinforces their position as a valued member of our club.